Paper Towels

paper-towelsClean up and hand wiping paper towels are always a necessity, providing an uncomplicated way for any staff member to handle minor messes on the spot. Softer paper towels are gentle for use on skin, while heavy-duty rolls provide thick and absorbent wipes for your janitorial employees. Choose between perforated and non-perforated varieties from leading brands.

Multipurpose Towels
From drying damp hands to wiping smudgy windows, paper towels are widely effective at absorbing liquid and picking up messy substances. We carry every type you need for a hygienic food service business, ranging from the hard-wound variety for industrial cleanup to multifold hand towels for individual use.

Flexible Setup
Enjoy multiple options for arranging your paper towels, including convenient dispensers that portion out the sheets economically. Products such as pop-up dispensers store and distribute the sheets all in one place, eliminating the need for special installation. Folded varieties are packaged in neat stacks that can be kept right beside the sink.

Value Sizes
Save money by stocking up on bulk products that features several cases of durable paper towels. You can also find recycled products for ecofriendly restaurant cleanup and perforated rolls with different sheet sizes to reduce waste.

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